PETITION Petition is one of the mode of commencement of action at the high Court e.g election, winding up of companies and matrimonial issues. It is spelt out with the heading of the court and the title of the Petition, grounds for petition and particulars of persons involved in the petition. However, apart from the […]


Ordinarily, I want to believe this is a term most people would have come across at one time or the other. Perhaps owing to a loss of items or for age declaration. However, we need to be well informed as to the purpose of affidavit and not for its ordinary usage. Affidavit is a deposition […]


COURT ROOM DECORUM One of this days you (my reader) should visit the court to observe court proceedings i.e how the court conduct itself in its daily adjudicatory business. But before then, there are ways you conduct yourself before the court- The decorum you observe in the court room 1. Silence : Foremost amongst all […]


A lot of us make wrong decisions at very critical times of our lives. Career choice is one of these. It determines your life and future. To the basics, there are lots of prestigious courses around. The law course stands as one. Before I penned down this write up, I had the opportunity to ask […]


INTERLOCUTORY APPLICATION One of the age long issues and problems that remains reoccurring in the legal profession is the long delay in litigation process. Although, it seems to be of economic value to the lawyer in terms of appearance fees. Yet, solutions have been suggested over time to mitigate the harshness of this and ensure […]


Technicalities in Litigation Process Often times, litigation process seems to be cumbersome because of the long process and undue delay that both the litigants and the lawyers experience. There is a plethora of factors that militates against the quick dispensation of justice devoid of the role of the counsel. 1. Witnesses: One of the challenges […]